Many people practice yoga for different reasons and have different goals when they think about or start pursuing practicing hot yoga and occasional or maybe even on a frequent basis. Any and all questions that you have about whether or not hot yoga can help get you to sit and toned and whether or not it can help you see physical improvements in your body in addition to the mental health benefits of practicing Oconomowoc yoga on a regular basis. Sweat Shop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin. We are the highest-rated and best Hot Yoga Studio in the lake country area. When it comes to Hot Yoga studios, we are actually the only primarily Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin and the surrounding Lake Country area. So whether you live, work or play in the Oconomowoc and Lake Country area we have you covered for all of your hot yoga needs regardless of what your goals are in practicing yoga.

Not only are we the highest-rated and most rated yoga studio in the Oconomowoc area, but we also like to think that we have one of the best deals in town. But you don’t have to compromise quality just to get a good deal, at Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio you will get the biggest bang for your buck and great value with all of our yoga class options. We also have a great introductory offer for new students who haven’t visited our studio before which is that you can get 10 days of hot yoga classes for only $10. Now, this really is an incredible deal. At most yoga studios you’ll take $10 to $15 and even up to $25 just for one single drop-in yoga class. But, because we know that one still tries us you will love us we want to help you get started with little to no rest. This is why we are happy to offer all new students to our Oconomowoc yoga studio the 10 days of the low price of only $10.

Then there are many physical effects whether you practice once a week or a few times a week, you will begin to notice the difference in your body from practicing hot yoga and an added bonus is that you will also start to realize the mental health benefits of practicing yoga on a regular basis. Some of the physical benefits of practicing yoga on a regular basis is that you will see an increased range of motion and your body which will help support your body through your regular daily activities such as walking the dog or even mowing the lawn or chasing the kids around in the yard after school or at soccer practice.

In addition to increasing your range of motion practicing Oconomowoc yoga will also help you increase your strength while gaining flexibility. Hot Yoga also helps increase your cardiovascular system because the heat in a hot yoga class makes it more of a workout as compared to a regular yoga class that is not heated which is more of a less intense workout. Speaking of that, hot yoga is a great low-impact activity that can also help you burn calories and lose weight in a healthy manner and effectively.

You might be wondering you know what types of yoga classes we offer. As our name might imply all of our yoga classes are hot yoga classes and these classes are all heated. But we do have different options for types or styles of classes. These different types or styles of classes are all heated to different temperatures. First and foremost we’ll talk about our Basics yoga class. We offer this Oconomowoc yoga class once a week and it is the coolest of all of the classes that we offer, the class is only heated to 85 degrees. In this class we will go through my knees are friends, and poses or asanas that you will find in our other yoga classes but we’ll move nice and slow and the teacher will verbally and physically yet show you the different poses to make sure that you can get into these poses and feel not only comfortable but confident and strong as well.

We also offer a Flow Yoga class, A Power Yoga class, and a classic Hot Yoga class. All of these capacitors are also suited for beginners. In all of our Oconomowoc yoga classes, we offer modifications and different styles of the poses so that students of all levels can participate fully in the class and they can choose what level of the poses feel best or work best for their bodies.

Our flow hot yoga class is a series of poses that remove through at a pretty decent pace and we coordinate our breaths to our movements. So for each inhales or exhale we move from one position to another. In our power yoga class, we focus on increasing strength throughout the body, oftentimes focusing on building strength through our legs and arms. The power of class will hold postures for longer periods of time to use our body weight to help strengthen arm muscles. To check out our schedule of classes that we offer you can visit our website. In our class schedule, you will see that we offer many different classes per week at different class times to make sure that you can fit yoga into your busy schedule. No matter what your home life or work-life looks like, you will be able to find a class that meets your scheduling and will also help you reach your goals not include the physical benefits that you want from yoga.

If you’d like to see the physical benefits of practicing hot yoga on a regular basis for yourself, visit our Oconomowoc yoga studio today! Yoga is a great way to improve your overall fitness level and will leave you feeling more confident and comfortable in your body. Practicing Hot Yoga on a regular basis will help you become more fit and achieve a toned and healthy. You can come to check us out in person at our hot yoga studio in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and even book an online class now. You can visit our website at or give us a call at 262-269-1466.