You’ve never heard of hot yoga before, never practice hot yoga, or even yoga before oh, you are probably wondering what hot yoga is all about and is it’s better than regular yoga. So let’s start out by talking about what hot yoga is. Hot yoga is just like regular yoga, except with you in it. We’re just kidding! But only a little bit. You are definitely an important part of the puzzle in our hot yoga Community. Hot Yoga is pretty similar to regular yoga, but as you may have guessed it is performed in a room that is heated. At Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin we eat our hot yoga classes and our hot yoga studio anywhere from eighty-five degrees all the way up to a hundred and five degrees. We offer several different class options where the rooms are heated at two different temperatures.

At Sweat Shop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin we are the highest-rated and most reviewed Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin. On top of that, we offer the best Oconomowoc yoga and hot yoga classes in the entire Lake Country area. Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin we are more than just a yoga studio, but we are a group of people that have come together to form a community where you can practice hot yoga and improve your physical fitness along with your mental health. At Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio what we offer an awesome introductory offer for all of our new students to help you get started in your Yoga Journey with very little. For all of our new Oconomowoc yoga students, we offer 10 consecutive days of yoga classes for the very low price of only $10. Now, if you’re new to yoga, you might not know this but this is an insane deal! Many other competing Studios only have drop-in class options and these drop-in Oconomowoc yoga classes can range anywhere from $15 a pop all the way up to $25. Talk about an ouch on the wallet just to try something and not love it. If you have never practiced a regular yoga or hot yoga before you’re probably wondering what’s the difference and which one is better for me?

Well, to be transparent and honest we will admit that we are a little biased, but we personally think that hot yoga is an awesome workout that will give you the incredible benefits and results that you are looking for. Hot Yoga has several advantages versus regular yoga. Hot Yoga is also a favorable exercise as compared to other types of workouts such as running or weight-lifting. One of the things that make hot yoga so great is not only will you reap the positive mental health benefits that you would from practicing regular yoga, but with the addition of heating the rooms in our Oconomowoc yoga classes, you will also get a low-impact and efficient workout that will help you not only sweat out toxins in your body but will help you torch calories which is going to lead to healthy and sustainable weight loss. Need we say more?

If you are a little skeptical about giving hot yoga a try we recommended that you take advantage of our 10 consecutive days of yoga classes for the low price of $10. With this introductory offer, you can try as many at yoga classes of ours as you would like was very little risk. For only $10 that you can take as many classes as you would like in 10 days. These ten days that we encourage you to try out the different styles of yoga classes that we offer. We have several different types or versions of classes which include a Basics yoga class which is absolutely perfect for beginners, a slow yoga class where we focus on coordinating our breath to our movements, a power yoga class which helps us focus on increasing strength and last but not least a classic yoga class where we work on our balance, strengthening our core and expelling toxins from our body.

Do you have never attended a hot yoga class before or are fairly new to yoga and a little nervous about how you will feel while working out in a heated environment, we recommend that you give our Basics hot yoga class a try. Our Basics hot yoga class is the coolest of all of our yoga classes, temperature-wise. So, believe it or not, our coolest class or the basics hot yoga class is still heated at 285 degrees. But will tell you one thing and it’s probably good to know that the heat we use in our studio is a combination of traditional heat along with infrared heat which will help make the room feel more like a warm sunny day rather than a steaming hot and unbearable sauna.

If you’re ready to start seeing the positive physical and mental benefits of regular hot yoga practice, we invite you to come to visit us at our Oconomowoc yoga studio today! Hot yoga is a great way to reap the physical benefits of an exercise regimen while benefiting from the traditional benefits of regular yoga at the same time. Let us help you get started on your yoga journey today. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable in your body in no time. When you start practicing Oconomowoc yoga and hot yoga on a regular basis, you not only will you look and feel better, but you’ll have a healthier body and mind too! Check out our yoga studio in person in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Book a class online now to get started with your first 10 days of yoga classes for only $10. We can’t wait to meet you! If you’re not in the local area, visit us online by visiting or checking out our YouTube Channel. Either way, we’ll meet you on your mat! Have more questions? Give us a call at 262-269-1466, we’d love to hear from you! Namaste ya’ll!