At Sweat Shop Hot Yoga in Oconomowoc, WI we don’t claim to know everything about yoga, but we do know quite a bit when it comes to Oconomowoc yoga, hot yoga and all of the yoga things. And we’ve been around the block a few times ourselves. Today we’re going to talk about some frequently asked questions that we get.

One of the first questions that we get is what is hot yoga? Well, hot yoga is just like regular yoga except with you in it! We’re kind of kidding, kind of not. While we hope that we will see you at our studio’s yoga classes, we’ll still explain what hot yoga actually is. In a simple explanation, Hot Yoga is quite similar to traditional, regular and non heated yoga but just done in a warm room or studio. As is also done in traditional yoga classes, in hot yoga, we practice different breathing techniques and get some movement and exercise in through a series of poses that have been shown to improve physical health, mental health and happiness. At Sweat Shop Hot Yoga we offer a variety of classes including Basics, classic, flow, power and yin. Depending on which of these classes you take the room is heated anywhere between 80 degrees and 105 degrees. The heat of the room and the heat in hot yoga helps prepare your body for movement and allows you to lengthen and open up your muscles which means that you can get deeper into the poses in Oconomowoc yoga and Hot Yoga which makes for a sweaty and effective workout. Hot yoga offers a lot of the same benefits as traditional yoga which include stress reduction, improved strength and flexibility with just a few minutes of breathing and distressing. Not only does the heat in the Hot Yoga room make the class more challenging, but Hot Yoga has been shown to help burn more calories than regular yoga. Also, it helps improve flexibility, it helps build bone density, it reduces stress, it eases depression, it provides a cardiovascular boost or workout, it reduces blood glucose levels and nourishes the skin.

We’ve covered some of the benefits of hot yoga when we explained what Hot Yoga is, but we will give you a more inclusive list of all of the positive reasons to practice hot yoga. If you want the cliff notes version, Hot Yoga is good for the Mind, Body and Soul. Now for the long version… The benefits of Oconomowoc yoga and hot yoga include: burns extra calories, increases strength, find balance, improves flexibility, Boost energy, reduces Stress and Anxiety, you become present, helps Elevate overall health and well-being, enhances Sleep Quality, helps you embrace challenges on and off your mat, helps you develop personal and self-awareness, helps you learn self-care, helps improve your range of motion, is an incredibly effective way to manage weight, increases your circulation throughout your body, boosts metabolism, aids in correct posture, teaches you how to find Focus, increases your patience, helps you practice mindfulness, makes you feel gratitude towards yourself and others, helps build confidence and helps you embrace community. Need we say more??

Another question that we get a lot is whether or not the heat in hot yoga makes the class more challenging. Simply put, yes. The heat definitely does make the class more challenging. The heat also helps you get more of a cardiovascular workout in. With hot yoga, our cardiovascular system is working a bit harder and this provides a more well-rounded workout for your mind, body and soul. The heat in hot yoga also helps our muscles open up, lengthen and stretch deeper. Oconomowoc yoga and hot yoga will help you build strength and flexibility, all while sweating it out and torching some extra calories! If you’re worried about the yoga classes being too challenging, leave your worries at the door. With our well-rounded class options you can start with a basic class and almost all of our glasses offer modifications so that the poses are suitable for beginner level students or advanced practitioners.

You may be wondering what the heat of our studio room feels like. We have good news for you! We primarily use infrared heat which feels less Like an unbearable sauna and feels more like a warm, sunny day instead. And, we have even more good news for you, if you’re nervous about the heat you can try us for 10 days for only $10.

Some people may be wondering if yoga is a cardiovascular workout and the answer is yes, Oconomowoc yoga is 100% definitely a cardiovascular workout. This heat of the studio helps increase the challenge of a yoga class and also helps us concentrate on breathing properly, which in yoga means breathing in and out through your nose. And this breathing helps us work on strengthening our cardiovascular system and proper breathing technique. Yoga classes are not only a great, low-impact cardiovascular workout, but they also help improve flexibility, strength and balance while working on your entire body.

Another question that we’ve been asked quite a bit is do you have yoga classes for beginners? And the answer is that our classes are actually suitable and approachable for all levels from beginners to even Advanced students. We also offer a Basics class where the room is heated to 85 degrees. Our Basics class is the perfect place to start your yoga Journey as we all start somewhere. The instructor will break down common poses by giving verbal cues and demonstrations. We will also offer modifications in this class to help you build your strength, flexibility and stamina. We have the basics Oconomowoc yoga class and all of our classes as we mentioned are suitable for all levels. Rest assured that any class you take with us will have modifications for beginners and we will talk you through each and every pose along with provide demonstrations to help you properly understand and get into the pose.

We hope that you’ve found these answers to our Frequently Asked Questions helpful. If you have more questions, please visit us in person at our studio in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, visit us online at or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We can’t wait to meet you!