At Sweat Shop Hot Yoga in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin we get a lot of questions from people about our yoga classes at our studio, yoga in general, nutrition, working out and just about everything else that you could think of. So today we wanted to take a few minutes to answer these questions and talk about some of the most frequently asked questions because we are always here to help and we love helping you guys out and answering your questions. So we will cover the most common questions that we receive about the best Oconomowoc yoga studios.

The first question we receive is, what is the temperature at the studio and are all of the classes heated? At Sweat shop Hot Yoga Studio yes, all of our classes are heated and the temperature in the studio ranges from anywhere between 80 degrees to 105 degrees depending on the class. You can find more information about what classes are heated to what temperatures and a little bit more information about the style of each class on The Classes page of our website.

The next question is a very very hot topic and a question that we get probably the most of anything else that is asked and that question is… what if I’m not flexible or can I do yoga if I’m not flexible? And the answer is absolutely, one hundred percent, yes! You absolutely do not need to be flexible to do yoga. Yoga and Hot Yoga especially helps improve your flexibility but it is certainly not a prerequisite to getting started or taking a class at the best Oconomowoc yoga studios. One of the advantages of hot yoga versus regular yoga in an unheated room is that the heat in hot yoga helps make our muscles more pliable which helps us to lengthen our muscles and stretch deeper into the poses and this is specifically what can help improve your flexibility and also improve your overall range of motion. Hot Yoga you will help you reap the Mind, Body and Soul benefits of hot yoga whether or not you can touch your toes or put your leg behind your head. Our last point that will make about flexibility and yoga is that you could really benefit from hot yoga if you struggle with flexibility. Alos, Hot Yoga is more about strength and balance than it is about flexibility and if your strength and balance isn’t the best yoga can help you grow in those areas too! We will help you loosen up those limbs and we promise we won’t make you do anything crazy like put your legs behind your head. Unless you want to.

At the best Oconomowoc yoga studios, which is a sweat shop hot yoga, we have been asked if we have showers and locker rooms and the simple answer is we sure do! After Hot Yoga we all leave feeling like a drowned rat and our clothes are probably dripping wet and glued to our bodies. That might not be a big deal if you’re headed straight home, but if you’re on your way to work or running errands or picking up the kids from school or any of your other daily activities you probably will want to take a quick shower before leaving the studio. So we do have luxurious locker rooms that have showers and changing areas which makes it convenient for you to go straight from hot yoga to work, running errands or picking up the kids from soccer practice.

One thing we know for sure Is that we all love a good deal and a good sale. So we can’t blame people when they ask us if we have any promotions or sales. Once again the answer is yes. We just love telling our customers and students yes! At the best Oconomowoc yoga studios, we have a 10 days of yoga for $10 promotion that is available for all of our new customers. So, for only $10 you can take as many classes as you’d like within 10 consecutive days. This is a great option if you are new to yoga and aren’t ready to commit to a membership you can try as many classes as you’d like within those 10 days before committing to us. We know that after just a few classes you’ll be hooked just like we are and you will definitely want to come back for more classes to get the benefits of improving your body physically, improving your mental and emotional state and improving your spiritual well-being also.

Another frequently Asked question about the best Oconomowoc yoga studios that is really important to people is another two-fold question which is: should I do hot yoga if I’m pregnant and should I do hot yoga if I have pre-existing medical conditions? Since we are not doctors, we first and foremost recommend that you always consult your personal physician before any exercise routine or regimen which includes yoga and/or hot yoga. In general hot yoga classes are not recommended for those who are pregnant so if you are pregnant, we recommend that you do not attend hot yoga classes at this time. Even though we would love to see you in the studio, we do have a handful of free classes available online on our YouTube channel and most of them are just quick 30-minute yoga videos so we recommend that you start off with those in the comfort of your own home. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, again we recommend that you consult with your doctor. However hot yoga classes even at Sweat Shop hot yoga are not recommended for those who have hip and or knee replacements or have had spinal injuries or herniated and or bulging discs. If you have a pre-existing injury, please let your teacher know so that they can provide suggestions or modifications for the poses during class. We’ve talked about this before, but also keep in mind that yoga should never be painful so if there’s a certain pose or movement that you know doesn’t feel good for your body, absolutely feel welcome to skip over those poses during class. That is perfectly acceptable. Yoga is not about doing every pose, during every class, perfectly and 100% of the time, but it’s about showing up for yourself and doing what’s best for you and your body while focusing inward on your breath. Once again, we do recommend that you consult your physician before getting into any exercise regimen or routine.

We can’t wait for you to visit us in person at our studio in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. If you can’t make it to the studio, visit us online at or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We can’t wait to meet you at Sweat Shop hot yoga, one of the best Oconomowoc yoga studios, if not THE best :)!