At Sweat Shop Hot Yoga we have a few things that make us who we are. One of those things is not only our mission statement but our core values as well. Our mission statement is Sweatshop Hot Yoga is a yoga studio where the community gathers to be present in the moment and grow stronger together, physically and mentally. This mission statement is at the Forefront of our minds and heart on a daily basis not only as we practice yoga ourselves but as we interact with others through Oconomowoc yoga. Our core values provide a guide for all of our students as to how they conduct themselves both while at the studio and in their personal lives. At Sweat Shop hot yoga our core values help us define how we succeed both as a company and a community. 
Our core values are important because not only do they Define us as individuals but they give a frame of reference for how we expect all of our teachers to conduct themselves in their personal lives and how we expect those who are associated with Sweat shop Hot Yoga to interact with our customers. Our core values are as follows: be kind to others, our word is our bond, jump through flaming hoops, we will always strive to be better, pay it forward and always have fun. Oconomowoc yoga is about more than just what we do on our mats for an hour a day, but it’s about how we treat others and ourselves as well. Let’s go into a little bit more detail about what each of our core values means at Oconomowoc yoga. We’ll talk about our Core Values at Sweat Shop hot yoga in Oconomowoc, WI to discuss the environment that we create both in the studio and in our personal lives and community as well. The Core Values are more than just a guide for how we conduct ourselves for the hour a day that we’re at Sweat Shop hot yoga studio, but serve as a guide for how we conduct ourselves each and every day. Through displaying these Core Values, we create positive experiences for others around us and help others feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Rather, we bring our full selves and show up for each other to help people feel welcome in our community. First and foremost we aim to be kind to others. This means that we treat others with respect and Grace at all times and three others even better than we want to be treated. Also our word is our bond. This means that we follow through on our commitments, 100% of the time, period. Next we commit to jumping through flaming hoops. At Oconomowoc yoga this means that we will go above and beyond to create excellent experiences for customers and she made every single day. We will always strive to be better. This means that we will always drive to grow, and prove and be the best versions of ourselves and we also encourage others to do the same. At Sweat Whop hot yoga studio and through Oconomowoc yoga in the community, it is part of our goal and soul purpose to pay it forward. This means that we share our successes with the community and help others when we are able to. This could mean that we invest time, money or resources and helping others. Last but not least, and arguably most importantly, we always have fun. We don’t take things more seriously than we need to and we are a community that has fun together and laughs with each other. Not only do we as a representative and teachers at Sweat Shop Hot Yoga practice our core values on a daily basis both in our personal lives and yoga lives at the studio, but we encourage others to do the same again both at the studio and in their personal lives. To all of us at Sweat Shop hot yoga and Oconomowoc yoga, our core values are more than just words on a piece of paper, words on a web page or words on a website. Our core values are truly what defines us as an organization and defines us as a team. Our Core Values are what differentiates us from other businesses or other similar companies in the industry. We take pride in our core values and strive to demonstrate them in our daily lives through how we act and treat ourselves personally and also how we treat others around us, how we treat every single person who visits our Oconomowoc yoga hot yoga studio, and treat those in the community. To see our Core Values in action, come visit us for a superior Oconomowoc yoga experience. We can’t wait to show you what Oconomowoc Hot Yoga is all about and not only what our core values are but what they look like when we are demonstrating them and observing or just experiencing how that creates such a positive and inviting and welcoming environment for all of our customers. We also invite you to not only be aware of what are core values are but we are invite you to do two things. First thing is if you ever have an experience with Sweatshop hot yoga or Oconomowoc you’ll go where you feel someone isn’t positively displaying our core values, we are absolutely welcome to hearing your feedback. Hearing the valued feedback from our customers is how we learn, grow and enables us to become better ourselves so that we can better serve our loyal and awesome customers such as yourself. The second thing we invite you to do is to practice demonstrating these core values in your own personal lives and see how they positively affect not only yourself but those that you interact with as well including friends, family and co-workers. If you can’t make it in person, we’d love for you to visit us online at or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We can’t wait to meet you!