There are a lot of physical benefits of Oconomowoc yoga and Sweat Shop Hot Yoga in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. To get us started today we’re going to list out all of the physical benefits, but before we do that we want to let you know that not only does yoga and hot yoga have a plethora of physical benefits, but there are plenty of mental or emotional benefits as well. When you do yoga, especially when you do it on a regular basis, not only do you get the positive physical benefits, but you will also will see many positive mental and emotional benefits as well. We think that the physical and emotional benefits are pretty awesome and we know that you will think that the benefits of Oconomowoc yoga are awesome too.

With a regular yoga practice you will see several positive benefits and great changes in your body. Tell list just a few, because there are many, many more than just what we have in our list, the physical benefits of Hot Yoga include that it burns major calories, helps with healthy weight loss, increases strength, it is a low impact physical activity is, it creates clearer skin for your complexion, it helps increase your overall Fitness level, it improves your flexibility, aids and your balance, it improves your heart health, is good for your bones and breathing, increases your lung capacity and helps relieve back pain.

One of the greatest benefits of hot yoga versus traditional yoga is that it helps burn major calories. When you’re hot yoga, and we promise you that the heat is at a bearable level and that your body will adjust to the heat over time. The heat in hot yoga classes are what helps you burn more calories than just a traditional yoga class. The heat helps your heart rate increase and provides more of a cardiovascular workout to lead to more calories being burned. In addition to this Burning major calories means that hot yoga can help with healthy weight loss. Because Hot Yoga helps give the aerobic system a workout that burns calories, practicing Hot Yoga on a regular basis along with eating nutrient-dense foods helps you maintain your weight or lose weight in a healthy manner.

Benefits of hot yoga that are all related to each other is that it increases strength and flexibility while being low impact and helping to increase your overall Fitness level and balance. These benefits combined together are great for people at any age and even those who maybe aren’t looking to get in the absolute best shape, but for people who are looking to simply improve range of motion and their overall physical fitness level so that they can more easily do everyday activities such as walking the dog, going to their kids soccer practice or running around in the yard with their grandchildren.

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Really anybody can benefit from the physical benefits of yoga. Yoga is a great physical activity because it is low impact which makes it suitable for a wide range of people including those who may not feel comfortable doing some more high impact activities such as running or weight-lifting. Yoga is a physical activity that you can perform at any level. A lot of the poses in Oconomowoc yoga have different variations of and those different variations of the poses are for a beginner, intermediate or Advanced practitioner. So in a lot of our classes at Oconomowoc yoga our teachers will take the time to explain the different levels of the poses so that you can speak Anna West’s easy beginner level variation of the post, maybe try the intermediate version of the pose and one day strives for the advanced level of the pose. This means that yoga is appropriate for anyone and depending on what your physical goals are, you can practice yoga and towards the physical goals that you have. We’ll talk about a few examples of how yoga can help different types of people.

So first and foremost because we are passionate about helping people achieve their goals one of the things that we see really often is that people want to lose weight from practicing Hot Yoga. Hot Yoga is a perfect activity to do if you’re interested in losing weight. Hot yoga helps to challenge and improve our aerobic system which makes it more of a cardiovascular workout and that helps you burn calories in a healthy manner. So if you are interested in losing weight through practicing hot yoga, a regular hot yoga practice and doing Oconomowoc yoga at Sweat Shop Hot Yoga is the perfect thing for you.

If you are someone who is over the hill or would consider yourself to be middle-aged and are just looking to improve your physical body or overall then yoga is also a perfect solution for you. Practicing yoga can help increase your range of motion, aid in balance and improve your overall level of fitness. If your goal is to increase your range of motion and aid and balance, then Hot Yoga is the answer! In our yoga classes you will learn how to increase your balance and gain flexibility which will improve your range of motion. If you are a little bit older, making sure that you have good balance can be really important to make sure that you don’t fall or anything like that. And improving your range of motion and increasing your overall level of Fitness can be really great for anyone who is a parent or grandparent or even if you are a pet parent or a dog mom or dad. Increasing your overall level of fitness and range of motion through Oconomowoc yoga and Hot Yoga will make sure that you’re able to keep up with the kids in the yard for our parents and grandparents and it will also help make sure that you’re feeling better when you’re taking the pets out a nice long walk.

If you are interested in seeing positive physical changes in your own body through practicing hot yoga, visit our studio in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Not in the local WI area? No problem, you can also visit us online at or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We can’t wait to meet you in person and help you along your yoga journey, whatever your goals may be!