Sweat shop Hot Yoga Studio In Oconomowoc Wisconsin can help you with so many things that both mentally and physically. Practicing hot yoga or Oconomowoc yoga on a regular basis can help you make positive improvements to your body both physically and mentally. Also, doing regular on a regular basis will not only help improve your overall fitness level, but it will help improve your mental wellness as well. Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio we are the highest-rated and most reviewed yoga studio not only in Oconomowoc Wisconsin but in the entire Lake Country area. If you live or work in Lake Country are yoga studio is the Oconomowoc yoga studio that will meet all of your needs and help you reach and even exceed your goals.

Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio we have an introductory offer which is that you can try 10 consecutive days of hot yoga classes live and in-person in our Oconomowoc yoga studio for the very low and affordable price of only $10. So not only can yoga help you achieve at your physical fitness goals, but it can help you improve your mental health as well, and even better yet, you can try us for very little risk with our 10 days of yoga for only $10.

Our introductory offer for our new students and potential members of the 10 consecutive days of Oconomowoc yoga for only $10 will give you the opportunity to try our various class options with very little risk to you. In 10 days you can try however many of our classes you would like to find the class that best meets your needs and the class that you just enjoy the most. Our class options include Basics, flow, power, and classic. All of our yoga classes are hot yoga classes which will help make sure that you get in a good workout, sweat out any toxins in your body, and leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, relax, and empowered all at the same time. We’d like to take a little bit of time to talk about our different class options and how they can help you meet your needs and goals with your physical fitness and mental health.

Our Basics hot yoga class is perfect for those who are brand new so hot yoga and maybe have some reservations or concerns about doing a workout in a cheetah drill. Our Basics class is heated to the lowest or coolest temperature of all of our classes and is only 85°. The heat in our studio will feel more like a warm sunny day versus an unbearable and steaming hot sauna that you can barely breathe in. In our business class, our teacher will provide verbal queues along with physical demonstrations for some of the most common yoga poses about you can get into the poses and feel comfortable, confident, and strong. This yoga class is a great way to work on the foundations of yoga and start building strength and a tolerance to the heat of Oconomowoc yoga classes.

In our slow yoga class at Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin you will Coordinate your breast to your movements. So, for example, as you inhale you will extend, and as you exhale you will contract your body moving into different positions while coordinating your movements to your breath. This type of yoga is a bit more fast-paced and is viewed as a type of moving or active meditation. Coordinating your breath to your movements helps you make sure that you are focusing on your breast and bring is it your mind to the present moment rather than thinking about everything else going on in your life or the earrings you have to run after yoga or chores you have to do at home or anything like that. Our Flow Yoga class is great at building endurance and helping you get a cardio workout and will really help you reap the mental benefits of practicing at yoga.

Our power yoga class helps us focus on building strength by holding some of the different yoga poses for longer periods of time and or performing active movements where you move between hoses quickly to increase strength in a certain part of the body. Our power yoga classes are really good at building strength throughout your entire body but oftentimes will focus on the larger parts of the body including your lower body like your legs and glutes, your car, and your arms.

In our classic yoga class, we will move it through the same sequence of poses, there are 26 poses and two breathing exercises and the class will be the same each and every time. This is also the warmest of all of our yoga classes. The room is heated it to 105 degrees and 40% humidity. This class is a great way to see how you progress in certain hoses or pastors from class to class because we’re repeating the same movements every time. It’s also a really great class if you’re looking to deepen your practice I’m really want to focus on making sure that you have the correct posture deposes because you’ll be able to practice them each time you come to class.

Every week at our hot yoga studio we offer our Basics, slow, power, and classic class options multiple times a week and sometimes even multiple times a day. Our schedule of classes is designed to meet the needs of our students, which includes you, so for that reason, we offer several different days and class times so that you can pick the class that is most convenient to your busy schedule. You can take a look at our class schedule on our websites online. You can visit our website and class schedule by going to our web page and visiting us online at www.sweatshophotyoga.com

Come find out what hot yoga helps with by trying our classes for yourself. Visit our Oconomowoc yoga studio today to start seeing positive physical and mental changes in your body. You can also visit our website online and view our class schedule at www.sweatshophotyoga.com. If you’re unable to make it to our studio in person, you can check out our YouTube channel where we have several short, 30-minute yoga classes that are convenient for you to do anytime and anywhere. If you’d like more information about hot yoga and getting started with yoga, give us a call at 262-269-1466.