As many of us know or could probably venture to guess there are many physical benefits to practicing Yoga. Yoga is a great physical activity and something that you can do that is positive for your body. Oconomowoc yoga is great because it’s a low-impact way to get a highly effective workout and still get the benefits and physical benefits from working out similar to the same benefits that you would get from other physical exercise activities such as weight lifting or running without the high impact, stress or strain on your body.

At Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin we are the highest-rated and most reviewed Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin. And we’ll take that a few steps further and let you know that we also have the highest-rated and most reviewed yoga studio not only in Oconomowoc Wisconsin but in the entire Lake Country area as well. What’s up hot yoga studio is perfect and convenient for you if you live, work or play in the area. Because we know that you will love practicing Oconomowoc yoga just as much as we do we want to offer an awesome deal for our new students so that you can check out our studio for yourself at very low risk before making a commitment. So far all of our lovely new and prospective students we have an awesome deal where you can get 10 days of hot yoga classes for only $10.

If you are a brand new to yoga you may not know this, but yoga classes for one class across the state of Wisconsin vary to being anywhere from $15 up to $25 for a single yoga class. But Hot Yoga Studio up because we are so confident that once you try us you will love us and want to come back, again and again, we are offering you 10 consecutive days of hot yoga classes and you can go to as many Oconomowoc yoga classes in a day as you would like we are offering this phenomenal. For only $10. Which is the less than the cost of a couple of the drinks from your favorite coffee shop, except with hot yoga you’re getting good physical benefits instead of negative physical benefits?

So, it’s practicing hot yoga, but we wanted to take some time to go over more of the physical benefits without you will see it and changes that you will see in your body is from practicing hot yoga on a regular basis. Some of the physical benefits of practicing Hot Yoga on a regular basis include that it forensic major calories which means it can help aid in healthy and sustainable weight loss, it can help increase strength throughout your entire body, it is a low-impact activity so you’re not getting a lot of physical strain on your body as he would and other exercises, it helps create clear skin which is from adding the heat to the workout is helping to increase circulation and it gives you a Natural Glow, it can increase your overall fitness level it can in prove your flexibility and improve your balance, it can help up your heart health, it is good for your bones and helps improve your breathing and lung capacity and helps relieve back pain. So if these are enough reasons to convince you that hot yoga is definitely worth a try, we don’t quite know what to tell you other than that we would still recommend that you come to check out Oconomowoc live and in-person for yourself and start seeing all of the physical benefits and positive changes in your body is for yourself.

We have a few different class options that are suitable for all yoga students at different levels and their yoga Journey. So whether you are brand new to yoga or an experienced Yogi who has been practicing for years, you are welcome to join any and all of the fossils that we have available. Our different class offerings will also be a good way for you to try different styles of classes during the 10 days of yoga for $10 and will give you a chance to find which classes you like best and which you feel are best for your regular yoga practice. The class options that we have available include Basics, flow, power, and classic Hot Yoga.

Although all of our Oconomowoc yoga classes are suited for all levels of students, is it is your very first yoga or hot yoga class, we highly recommend checking out our Basics class. In our Basics class, it is heated to the lowest or coolest temperature of just 85° so it’s a great way to get your body acclimated to the heat. Additionally, our awesome instructors and teachers will walk you through each pose nice and slow to make sure that you fully understand how to get into each pose comfortably and confidently so that you can walk away feeling strong.

If you know that it’s finally time to put YOUrself first, come try the 10 days of Oconomowoc yoga classes for only $10. We can promise you, you’ll be glad that you did. Not only will you start seeing incredible physical changes in your body, but you will also notice that your mental health improves as well and you’ll leave each class feeling just a little bit more calm, cool, and collected than when you came. We can’t wait to be a part of your yoga journey! Our teachers are passionate about helping you reach your goals, no matter what they are.

Stop making excuses and visit our Oconomowoc yoga studio today. Come see us in person and meet our teachers at Sweat Shop hot yoga studio in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. You can also visit us online at If you can’t make it in person to our studio, you can check out our YouTube channel for shorter, 30-minute yoga classes that are perfect quick and effective for you to do on your own time from the privacy of your own home. Need more information to get started or have questions? Give us a call at 262-269-1466.