At Sweat Shop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin we like to think that we know a lot about a little. And one of those things that we know a lot about is hot yoga. We get plenty of questions about yoga and everything yoga-related at the studio, from family members, from friends and on social media. We love being here to help you and answer your questions about all of the things! So today we wanted to take some time to go over some of the frequently asked questions that we get from our community about what you should know before coming to class. Now don’t get too carried away here and think that we’re the best in the whole entire world and that we know everything that there is to possibly ever know about yoga, but we think we’re a pretty great resource and we would consider ourselves one of the best Oconomowoc yoga studios (if not THE best).

The first question that we will cover is what should I wear to the studio or for practicing hot yoga at one of the best Oconomowoc yoga studios? Answer- wear what is comfortable! Don’t worry about dressing to impress here. All that matters in your yoga clothing is that it is comfortable for you. We hate to spoil the surprise, but before you leave here you’ll be dripping sweat and eager to get into a change of clothes. Which brings us to another tip, we recommend that if you’re visiting us for a hot yoga class that you bring a change of clothes to change into after class and a shower towel along with possibly body wash and a towel to place on your mat during class to help absorb sweat. Going back to the yoga clothes, we recommend for you to wear, not only should they be comfortable but you want to make sure that you’ll also be comfortable sweating in those clothes. Typically sweat-wicking workout clothing or other activewear that is form-fitting tends to work best. Try to stay away from thick, cotton materials if possible. We also recommend for women to wear a sports bra and shorts or dress in layers that they can take off throughout class as necessary. We recommend for men to wear shorts and a t-shirt, again dressing and layers so that you can adjust as appropriate throughout class.

Many of our students also asked us what they should bring with them to sweat shop hot yoga. Some of these things we covered in the question above, but we will provide a complete list here of what you should bring to one of the best Oconomowoc yoga studios when you are visiting us to practice hot yoga. We recommend that you bring a water bottle that is plastic or metal. You can purchase insulated water bottles on Amazon for less than $35 and these tend to work best as they will keep your water cool in the heated yoga room or Studio and will make sure that your water doesn’t turn into boiling water (just kidding… kind of). We also recommend that you bring a yoga mat, however we do have mats available to rent at the studio. We also recommend that you bring a long towel to lay on top of your mat during yoga class and this matt will help absorb any water or sweat and will also help ensure that your matt does not become too slippery. Another item that we recommend for you to bring with you when you visit Sweat shop Hot Yoga is a sweat towel that is about the size of a hand towel. You can also buy small sweat towels on Amazon, sometimes they come in a pack of three to five towels and are probably about $25 of money that would be incredibly well spent. The other thing that we recommend for students to bring with them to the yoga studio is a change of clothes. After class the clothes that you are wearing are 99.5% likely to be dripping sweat. Like, you will be able to literally ring out your clothing after class. So many students find it most comfortable to either shower after class or at minimum change into another set of clothing before they leave. If you don’t have a yoga mat or towel you can rent both of these at the studio and if it’s your first class with us your mat and towel rentals are on the house.

What should you do if you don’t own a yoga mat you may ask. Well, the answer is is that you should come to class anyways! You do not need your own yoga mat to come to one of the best Oconomowoc yoga studios which is Sweatshop Hot Yoga. You can rent a mat from the studio for a small fee and it’s actually free to rent a mat if it’s your first class. We also have yoga mats available for purchase too. If you forgot yours at home, no worries we’ve got you covered.

For your first class and really for any classes that you attend at one of the best Oconomowoc yoga studios, we always recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to class starting. Our studio doors open 30 minutes before class so feel free to come a bit earlier too if you would like. The reason we recommend that you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before class begins is because this will provide you time to check in with our friendly and smiling front desk staff, place your things in the locker room, possibly use the restroom, wash your hands, and head into the studio before class begins. Arriving 15 minutes before the start of class also allows you to get into the studio and start relaxing as stretching before class begins along with getting used to the heat and the temperature of the room.

We hope that you’ve found this information about what you should know before coming to your first class helpful. We can’t wait for you to visit us in person at our studio in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. If you can’t make it to the studio, visit us online at or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We can’t wait to meet you at Sweat Shop hot yoga, one of the best Oconomowoc yoga studios!