If you’ve never done it before you might be wondering who can do yoga? The answer is, every BODY can do yoga!. No matter what your age, physical fitness level, gender or whatever other factor you can think of; you can do yoga. Being able to do yoga isn’t about being the most fit, healthy, flexible or strongest person in the world, but it’s about improving from where you are personally. That means that you don’t have to be an expert to begin and you don’t have to be the best yogi in order to do yoga. In order to do Oconomowoc yoga you just have to be able to breathe. And we have some good news for you if you’re nervous about getting started, for almost all of the yoga poses that are out there, there are different modifications for the poses and the modifications make the yoga poses or yoga asanas so that they’re accessible for every person, everybody and every level of yoga student.

Now that we know that anybody can do yoga let’s talk about why someone would want to do yoga if they’ve never started before and are a beginner. Yoga is a great, low-impact activity that has a lot of benefits versus just a regular exercise. With yoga and Hot Yoga you not only are doing something that will help you improve your body physically, but yoga can help improve your mental state as well and overall well being as well. When we say that Oconomowoc yoga can improve your mental state it means that hot yoga can help increase your focus, increase mindfulness, leave you feeling happier, help you de-stress and get that rush of endorphins that you would typically get from any other type of workout. But one of the many things that make yoga special is that it’s incredibly low-impact and because a lot of the movements are gentle yet strengthening, it can help you achieve somewhat of a meditative state.

So now the cat’s out of the bag that another great thing about yoga is that it can help with us being in a meditative state or even growing into doing meditation by itself as well. So when you meditate one of the things that you learn is to let go and that is one of the foundational principles of yoga as well. When we meditate, whether we are meditating while practicing yoga or just meditating as we are sitting or relaxing, one of the things that we try to do is to let go of our thoughts, this is a practice of detachment. One of the foundational principles of yoga is also detachment. Growing stronger in your detachment is what helps relieve stress and anxiety and can help you become a happier and more positive person overall. When you are able to focus on being present in the moment rather than basing our happiness and mood on the outcome of something like an event or interaction then we can become more mentally and emotionally positive.

If you are a beginner who is interested and starting Oconomowoc yoga or yoga classes we are here ready to help you. If you’re in the local Oconomowoc, Wisconsin area you can visit our hot yoga studio live and in person or if you’re not in the local area you can visit us online at www.sweatshophotyoga.com or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We can’t wait to meet you!

One of the questions that we get a lot from beginners or people who are new to yoga and those who have never tried Oconomowoc yoga before is, can I do yoga if I’ve never done it before? Or along the same lines, can I come to yoga class at Sweat Shop Hot Yoga if this is my first time doing yoga? The answer is absolutely yes! We would always love to have you! You, along with anybody else, your friends, your family, your mama, literally anyone and everyone that you can imagine is invited to come practice Oconomowoc yoga with us. And the best part is you don’t have to be an experienced yogi to give our classes a try. We also have a really awesome deal and promotion for new customers where you can get 10 days of hot yoga classes for only $10. Now if you’re new to yoga, you might not know this, but for most yoga classes, just one class starts at $15 a pop. So because we know that you are going to love yoga and really enjoy the physical and mental benefits of yoga we offer our new customers a special deal so that you can try your very first yoga class or your first yoga class with us with very, very little risk. And you can take as many classes as you physically can or want to within 10 days so that you can also try out different class styles to see if which styles of yoga or which of our classes you like best.

At Sweat Shop Hot Yoga in Oconomowoc Wisconsin we offer a few different styles of yoga classes. All of our classes are suited for all levels of students whether you’re someone who has never done or taken a yoga class before, someone who has gone to a class or two but it’s been a few years or even an experienced Yogi who has years of practice under your belt; you will find something unique, fun and challenging within all of our hot yoga classes.

We also offer a basic yoga class which is probably the best class to take if you’ve never done a class before or have any concerns or reservations about the heat. In our Basics yoga class, our instructor will break down some of the most common poses in yoga so that you can start becoming familiar with the different poses. The instructor will move nice and slow so no worries about rushing through the poses and the inspector will also demonstrate the poses so that you can see what the proper form looks like. Also, the teacher will give you verbal instructions and verbal cues to help you make sure that you are getting into the poses safely and properly.

If you are a beginner who is interested and starting Oconomowoc yoga or yoga classes we are here ready to help you! If you’re local to the Oconomowoc, Wisconsin area, we’d love to see you live and in person. Or, if you’re not in the area, visit us online at www.sweatshophotyoga.com or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We can’t wait to meet you sometime soon!