Not only is hot yoga good for you but regular yoga is good for you as well. At Sweat Shop Hot Yoga we offer many different yoga classes. Although yoga in unheated rooms is good for you, the heat of the room in hot yoga leads to increased benefits and one of the biggest ones that many people appreciate is that it’s a little bit more of a workout than a traditional yoga class. Sometimes a traditional yoga class can feel like it’s just a bunch of stretching and not much more than that. With a hot yoga class the temperature of the room helps increase your heart rate and really gets our cardiovascular system pumping. And that right there is just one of the many benefits of hot yoga, that it helps our cardiovascular system including helping to improve our heart because our bodies are working harder and that means that Hot Yoga also leads to weight loss as well. So in another article we talked about the benefits of hot Yoga and Hot Yoga is so good for you so here will focus on continuing down our list of benefits of hot yoga. Oconomowoc yoga increases your overall fitness level, helps reduce depression, it helps with sleep, it improves flexibility, and help you focus your mind, it is your balance, it improves your heart health just as we mentioned before, it’s good for your bones, it improves your breathing, it improves your lung capacity, it helps relieve back pain, and it even gives you the buzz of cardio. So now that we have a high level overview of all of the benefits of hot yoga will take a little bit of time to go into a little bit more detail about these benefits of hot yoga. So we’ll start with increasing your overall fitness level. I know for a lot of people this is something that they’re very interested in and this applies to everyone whether you’re young or old, fit or sedentary, whatever it may be. But practicing Hot Yoga on a regular basis can help you improve your range of motion for other everyday activities including taking the dog for a walk, playing with your kids or maybe even just going to get your mail everyday or walking around the office that you work at, whatever it may be. So not only in regards to improving your Fitness level does Hot Yoga help you improve your range of motion, also helps build strength and stability for those daily activities that we mentioned before. Hot Yoga also helps reduce depression. Studies have shown that those who practice Hot Yoga consistently show a reduction in depression symptoms including stress and emotional eating. Oconomowoc yoga and Hot Yoga also helps with sleep so adding yoga to your regular regimen, whether that’s a daily yoga practice or coming to yoga a few times a week, it helps reduce levels of anxiety and will help you relax which makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Also helps you get a more restful sleep which will leave you with more energy in the morning and throughout the day. Hot Yoga also helps improve your flexibility. Even Though all yoga help improve flexibility Hot Yoga elevates this benefit. So in hot yoga because we’re in a warm room, the heat of the room makes our muscles more pliable and allows our muscles to stretch just a little bit further and this increases our range of motion which again helps us stretch deeper into each pose. Oconomowoc yoga Hot Yoga also helps us focus our minds and helps us practice a more mindful state where we focus on ourselves and focus on inhaling and exhaling or our breath. Hot yoga can lead to improved concentration, which helps you stay calm and focus inside and outside of the Oconomowoc yoga studio. Hot Yoga also helps aid balance so there are many yoga poses that focus on balance and a lot of those poses offer modifications to help you work your way up to improving your balance so you don’t have to be good right out of the gate when it comes to balance. But when you engage your muscles especially your core you learn how to stabilize your body and because a lot of yoga poses do require that you engage your core that means that you’re also building those core or abdominal muscles. When you pair that with eating nutritiously and eating enough calories for your body and not too many calories for your body that means that you’re definitely going to have a more defined and toned midsection.One of the benefits that we mentioned earlier is heart health, so just restating it that the heat in Oconomowoc yoga and Hot Yoga increase your heart rate by providing a more challenging workout and those actions help strengthen your heart. Oconomowoc yoga and yoga is also good for your bones because while you’re doing yoga you’re supporting your weight while holding a pose and doing this during Hot Yoga can help build bone density. This is especially true in building bone density and being good for your lower back and hip bones. Hot Yoga also helps improve your breathing so in hot yoga you focus on having control over your breath while slowing and fluidly moving through the different poses. Just focus the mind and body to rely on your breath during challenging and endurance activities such as running. It also helps your mind and muscle memory so that if you’re going through a stressful time at home, at work or in your personal life you always remember to bring it back to your breathing and focus on that rather than that whatever external factor is negatively influencing you. Hot Yoga also helps improve your lung capacity so the heat and hot yoga will make your heart pump faster than normal which leads to it being a better cardio workout if you were just in a regular yoga class or non heated yoga class room. This is practiced in Oconomowoc yoga helps you breathe more deeply and increase your lung capacity. Hot Yoga can also help relieve back pain so when your tissues muscles and joints are penetrated by heat it helps them heal and regenerate. This leads to increased joint flexibility and range of motion which can help soothe your pain, it can also help with minor injuries and even chronic ailments or illnesses. Last but not least Hot Yoga gives you the buzz of cardio, believe it or not hot yoga is a really great cardiovascular exercise and leaves you with the same feeling of a runner’s high that running does, but of course is much more low-impact and in addition to the runner’s high you’ll also feel much more centered and grounded in a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. If you’re interested in experiencing all of the benefits of hot yoga we invite you to visit Shop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin and you can visit us online at or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We can’t wait to meet you!