Yoga is good for everybody. Yes, when we say everybody we really mean that yoga is good for every single body. Whether you’re young or old, out of shape, whatever your situation may be you will see improvements in your mind, body and spirit from practicing yoga. While we would recommend practicing at yoga to any individual who’s making to look and provement to themselves either their body or just reducing stress or having greater peace of mind, we also recommend that people take it one step further and practice hot yoga. Hot Yoga is kind of like regular yoga but just with you in it. We’re just kidding, but really. Actually Hot Yoga just means that you are practicing the same poses as you would and regular yoga but in a warmer room. What Shop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin we offer for different types of classes including Basics, classic, slow and Power Oconomowoc yoga classes. Depending on which class do you take with us the room is heated anywhere from 85 to 105 degrees. Our Basics class is great for beginners who are new to heat and is heated at 85 Degrees. The basics Oconomowoc yoga class helps ease people into the Heat and work their way up to classes that are heated to warmer temperatures. Although Hot Yoga offers many of the same benefits as traditional yoga such as reducing stress, improving flexibility and strength, it is more than just a few minutes or 60 Minutes of class in a room with a group of people and doing some stretches. So much more than that. Not only does Hot Yoga make the class more challenging but it has been shown to help you burn more calories, improve flexibility, build a bone density, reduce stress, is depression, provide a cardiovascular boost, reduce blood glucose levels and nourish the skin. What does that money benefits I think you’d be crazy not to Hot Yoga a try. Oconomowoc yoga and Sweatshop Hot Yoga is your go-to place for hot yoga classes in Oconomowoc Wisconsin or Milwaukee Wisconsin and the lake country area in Wisconsin. So let’s get into more of the benefits of hot yoga will start with a listing of them all off and then we’ll go into more detail. The benefits of hot yoga is that it burns major calories, it helps with healthy weight loss, it increases strength, it reduces stress, that’s a low-impact activity and workout, it creates and promotes clear skin, that helps to increase your overall fitness levels, it reduces depression, helps you get better sleep, it improves flexibility, it helps you focus your mind, improve your balance, it leads to greater heart health, it is good for your bones, it improves your breathing, improves your lung capacity, helps relieve back pain, and gives you the buzz of cardio. If that list of what Oconomowoc yoga can do for you to help you have a better mind, body and spirit then we don’t know what to tell you. But we think it’s clear that you should give us a visit.
So now that we’ve listed off all of the different ways that Oconomowoc yoga and Oconomowoc Hot Yoga is good for you let’s get into a few more details about what these things actually mean to us. So hot yoga helps us a burn major calories and really any physical activity whether it’s walking or weight lifting will help you burn calories, but the hot room helps your heart rate increase which leads to more calories being burned. Are flow and power classes pick up the pace another notch and lead to maximum calories burned with Libra threatened to our next topic of healthy weight loss. In regards to healthy weight loss Hot Yoga produces an aerobic effect that burns calories and because one good thing leads to another many people who exercise regularly intuitively begin to eat more nutrient-dense food and eastmoor mindfully it to complement their exercise routine. The combination of having a regular exercise routine even with something low-impact leg Hot Yoga plus eating mindfully and eating nutrient-dense food can help improve our bodies composition and lead to weight loss. Hot Yoga also helps increase our strength so when we do yoga with a lot of muscles within our body at such as are abdominals, legs, and arms while holding a challenging poses and doing so helps us build and strengthen all of the muscles that were working on. Oconomowoc yoga also helps reduce stress so hot yoga will help you focus on your breath and this helps you make sure that you’re breathing deeply and consistently throughout the class. Deep breathing is a key to relaxation and aids in stress relief. In addition as we mentioned Hot Yoga is a low impact physical activity and its really incredibly low impact especially when compared to other more strenuous activities such as running or weight-lifting. So even if you are a runner or weightlifter maybe a hiker whatever other type of physical activities you enjoy hot yoga can be the perfect complement to your current exercise routine. With hot yoga, you reap the benefits of a normal workout, without putting extra stress on your body. Some may say that hot yoga is even better for you than other traditional workouts because it has additional positive effects on your mind and spirit. Doing hot yoga also creates clearer skin so adding heat to your workout increases circulation and gives you a Natural Glow much like the effects of sauna room at the spa. We recommend that you come to Hot Yoga with a fresh and clean face and that helps you to during Hot Yoga and the steam during the hot yoga class can help open your pores and cleanse your skin. If you are interested in all of the benefits of hot yoga provides we invite you to come visit us at Sweat Shop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to reap all of the benefits that we discussed above and even more. We can’t wait to see you sometime soon. Visit us online at or give us a call at 262-269-1466.