A lot of people who haven’t done yoga before might be wondering why they should start doing yoga? There’s plenty of reasons that you should consider doing yoga, especially if you’ve never given it a try before. Yoga can be a great addition to other types of exercise regimens. Also, if you’re not currently doing any type of workout, yoga can be a great way to increase your range of motion for everyday and daily life activities.

If you are someone who has a current exercise regimen, you can definitely benefit from starting to add yoga into your routine. Especially for those who are putting any type of stress on their bodies, Oconomowoc yoga can be extremely good for helping to balance out that stress. Yoga can help alleviate pain and through stretching and lengthening your muscles you can help them recover quicker so that your body is more prepared for your next work out. Also, doing yoga does help build strength which will help your other workouts. Yoga can also help reduce your chances of injury through stretching. Yoga is also appropriate for rest days if you train or if you are someone who trains really hard. Since yoga is low-impact it is a great activity for rest days and you’ll burn more calories than you would on a Sunday stroll.

Doing Oconomowoc yoga can help increase your strength especially in your abdominals, legs, glutes and arms. Hot Yoga helps reduce stress by helping you focus on your breath and breathing which helps in stress relief and relaxation. As we’ve mentioned, yoga is also low-impact, so compared to weight lifting or running it won’t be as strenuous, but you still get the benefits of a workout. Yoga also helps create clear skin which gives you that Natural Glow, we always refer to it as the post yoga glow which is second to none. Yoga can also help increase your overall Fitness level by increasing your range of motion and building your strength and stability. Yoga also helps reduce depression and studies even show this to be true.

We mentioned that yoga can be a great activity if you don’t have a current exercise routine. Yoga is a great physical activity because it’s a low impact workout that not only helps build strength, but it can be a cardiovascular workout as well, all without the stress and strain on your body that other types of workouts have such as weight lifting and running. Yoga is a great workout to add to your regimen or start a regular routine with. We recommend starting yoga with practicing attending classes in the studio two to three times a week. Another great way to get started is to do a short morning routine in your home that is about 15 minutes long. This shouldn’t be too strenuous as the goal is to simply get some movement in.

If we’ve convinced you to give Oconomowoc yoga a try, or even if we haven’t, we’d love for you to come visit our hot yoga studio live and in person. If you’re not in the local area, you can visit us online at www.sweatshophotyoga.com or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We’re so excited to meet you!

If you are brand new to yoga there’s plenty of ways that you can get started. We’ll cover a few of them here and you can choose whichever strategy or method works best for you or maybe even try a few different ways to get started with hot yoga. The ways of getting started with yoga that we’ll cover are coming to an Oconomowoc yoga class at Sweat shop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin, attending an online virtual and live class with Sweat shop Hot Yoga and watching some of our YouTube videos.

We might be biased, we’ll admit that, but our favorite way for beginners to start doing yoga is to come visit our yoga studio. The advantages to visiting our Oconomowoc yoga studio is that you get more personalized support than you would get from just watching a YouTube video. Also when you come to the studio, you get to experience the heat of the hot yoga studio which is difficult to recreate at home. Another Advantage to coming to a hot yoga class is that you’ll start to connect with other students and building that sense of community is a really great support system especially when you’re getting started with something new. If you haven’t been to our Studios before, because we’re so excited for you to get started with Oconomowoc yoga, we would love to offer you an introductory offer and promotion of 10 days of yoga classes for only $10. Search high and low and everywhere in between, but we can guarantee you that you will not find a deal better than that anywhere in the Lake Country.

Our second recommendation of ways that you can start yoga is that we actually have online classes that you can attend as well so if you’re a little worried about doing yoga in front of others because you haven’t done it before and don’t want people looking at you or anything like that, we invite you to give our online yoga classes a try. Our online classes are a great and inexpensive way for new students to do yoga in the privacy of their own home. The added benefit of doing yoga at home is that you don’t have to worry about anybody looking at you, what you’re wearing or trying to get to the studio, or anything silly like that.

One last resource that we have for our community is our YouTube channel. On our YouTube channel we have a ton of videos and yoga classes that you can do anytime, from anywhere. Our videos that we have on YouTube offer plenty of variety and many different styles of classes. In addition to classes we also have how-to videos where we break down the poses and sequences and we also have a lot of mini sequences as well that feature things like how to build strength through yoga, how to reduce stress and anxiety, yoga for better sleep and much more!

If you are looking for more information about how to start doing yoga, come visit our hot yoga studio in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. You can also visit us online at www.sweatshophotyoga.com or give us a call at 262-269-1466. We’re so excited to meet you!