If you’re like most of us if you are wondering how hot yoga can help you become more set. Many of us start hot yoga or really any exercise routine because we want to improve our body is physical. We have great news for you hot yoga can help you do just that and as an added bonus Hot Yoga will also help you improve your mental health and mental wellness also. Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin we have the top Oconomowoc yoga classes that you need to help you reach your physical fitness goals and to become more fit and to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Our hot yoga classes we like to think that they’re pretty great, but you can check out what our students say about our classes so that you can hear it straight from them. You can check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, and even video reviews on our YouTube channel to learn more about what our students say about our top Oconomowoc yoga classes.

At Sweat Shop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin, we have an introductory offer for our new students to help you get started with taking hot yoga classes with very little risk and very little money upfront. We don’t want to rip you off or charge you an arm and a leg just to get into a hot yoga studio and check out for yourself what it’s all about. Our introductory offer for all of our top Oconomowoc yoga new students will knock your socks off! For only $10 You can get 10 days worth of yoga classes.

Within These tenets days we really highly encourage you to check out as many classes as you physically feel comfortable doing because you can choose to attend different styles of classes but you can find a class that you enjoy the most. No matter which class you attend you will always reap the benefits and the physical benefits of practicing Hot Yoga just by the nature of being in a sitting room and doing some pretty physical exercise movements.

The yoga classes that we offer include a Basics hot yoga class, a flow yoga class, a power hot yoga class, and last but certainly not least a classic Hot Yoga class. To learn more about these classes and what they’re all about and what makes them a little bit different from each other and all unique in their own way you can check out our classes page on our website to learn a little bit more. We’ll give you a little bit of a preview here. So one thing that will tell you is that if you are a little bit nervous about trying a hot yoga class we would absolutely recommend trying out our Basics hot yoga class first.

And this class our experienced yoga teacher will take it nice and slow so nothing too crazy in our Basics yoga class but the teacher, focus on giving verbal cues and physical demonstrations so that you can see the proper form of each pose and also begin learning the names of some of the most common poses. This class is heated to a cool 85°. Now 85° might not sound too cool in comparison to our regular frame of reference for temperature, but it is actually the coolest of all of our yoga classes. Our other hot yoga classes at Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin are heated from anywhere to 85° all the way up to 105 degrees.

One thing that makes our hot yoga classes and Studio a little bit different from the rest is that we use a combination of regular heat along with infrared heat. The infrared heat helps make sure that the heat feels like more like a warm sunny day that feels really good nice and relaxing rather than a steaming hot and unbearable sauna. Best sheets of our hot yoga classes are one of the primary thing that helps the hot yoga make you more fit overall. Because of the heat, you’ll burn major calories and you’ll also get a cardiovascular workout as well.

The sheets of the hot yoga studio classes definitely help make the class a little bit more challenging which will again help you burn calories and will help you achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss. In addition, some pretty big components of being a more fit person include increasing strength and your flexibility and Hot Yoga will help you in both of those areas. In addition, practicing Hot Yoga will help you increase your overall fitness level especially if you practice on a regular basis. You will definitely start to see it pretty awesome changes in your overall fitness levels, being more fit and increasing your range of motion.

If you’re ready to try our top Oconomowoc yoga today and be more physically fit, come visit our studio in person. Our top Oconomowoc yoga studio is located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Our friendly and knowledgeable hot yoga teachers are ready to help you meet your goals, whether that means building strength, losing weight, and keeping it off or becoming more fit overall. To start becoming more fit today, visit our website at www.sweatshophotyoga.com and book a class today. You can also learn more about the health benefits of practicing hot yoga on a regular basis by visiting our website and looking at our hot yoga benefits page. If you’re not in the local area or are unable to visit our yoga studio in person, you can check out our YouTube channel where we offer several 30-minute yoga videos that are perfect to do efficiently from the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel too! If you want to learn more about how the top Oconomowoc yoga can help you become more fit, give us a call at 262-269-1466. We’d love to talk with you more!