At Sweat Shop hot yoga studio we like to think that we have the top Oconomowoc yoga that is perfect to fit your needs. We are the highest-rated, most reviewed and in our humble opinion the best Hot Yoga Studio in the lake country area. We also have a swell introductory offer for new students to help you get started a longer yoga Journey risk-free. For our new students and customers, we are happy I’m so excited to offer you ten consecutive days of unlimited yoga classes for the low, low price of only $10. Now, if you’re not so new to yoga you might know that just one single yoga class at a lot of other yoga studios is going to cost you anywhere from $15 up to $25. So when we say this is a phenomenal deal, we mean it. But, we know that once you try us you will love us and you’ll be coming back for more.

At Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio in Oconomowoc Wisconsin we have a few different top Oconomowoc yoga class options for you to choose from. Our class options include Basics, slow, power, and classic. A lot of other yoga studios via class names are probably really really confusing and only experienced Yogi’s are able to decipher what the different class names actually mean, but that’s what’s up hot yoga studio we are all about you, our customers and students, having the absolute best experience possible. And that starts with making the easy things easy. Like choosing out a yoga class. regardless of which yoga class of hours that you choose from, let us assure you that they are all beginner-friendly and you will enjoy every single one of them.

Our Basics class is heated to the coolest temperature which is a comfortably warm 85°. Although all of our classes are suited for all levels of students, if you are brand new to yoga and a little bit nervous about dipping your toe into the water, we absolutely, highly recommend starting out with our basic top Oconomowoc yoga class. An hour Basics class hour yoga teacher will break down the different poses throughout the class by not only giving verbal cues but also providing physical demonstrations so that you can see how the pose should look and so that you’re able to get into the pose feeling comfortable, confident and strong. So, fear has not. Everybody starts somewhere and our Basics class is the perfect class to start out your yoga Journey. Additionally, in this class, we will offer modifications for poses so you can choose an easier variation of the pose and maybe even attempt to do a more challenging variation of the hose which will help you build your strength, flexibility, and stamina.

In our classic Hot Yoga class, it is actually our warmest class that we offer in the studio and it is heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity so it is hot. We are talking degrees Fahrenheit here. In our Classics class, we will always move through the same series of poses. We will complete 26 postures along with two exercises. This class is specifically designed to help you feel rejuvenated throughout your entire being so that means both physically and mentally. Because this class is quite warm it helps promote detoxification of items in your body that shouldn’t be there and will help lengthen out your muscles which will leave you feeling relaxed, cleansed, and with a focused mind.

In our flow yoga class, the room will be heated to 95 degrees. And this possible move pretty quickly from one post to another also called an Asana. And we will also coordinate our movements to our breath. So when we breathe in we will extend our muscles and when we breathe out or exhale we will contract are muscles moving into different postures again quickly throughout the class. In the cross, we also will have music playing which will help promote your overall feelings of well-being and happiness and make the class a little bit more fun in the flow class you will work on strengthening Your Mind-Body Connection as you focus on connecting with your breath and working on integrating your breath with your movement.

Last, but certainly not least our power yoga class is also heated to 95 degrees. In our power yoga class, we will focus on building strength, focusing on the present moment along with increasing our endurance and flexibility. This process does move at a moderate to fast pace which will help facilitate both increasing our strength while working on our cardiovascular system. This class is also paired with music which is super fun and we’ll provide for an invigorating experience. Make sure to try a Basics, classic, slow, or power hot yoga class at the top Oconomowoc yoga studio today. No matter which class you take with us, we know you’ll love it and leave feeling a million and one times better than when you got here! Not only does hot yoga have great physical benefits, but it can also completely change your outlook and mental health as well.

Also, don’t forget that if you’re new to Sweatshop Hot Yoga Studio you can try our super awesome introductory offer which is 10 consecutive days of hot yoga classes at the top of the hand wash yoga studio for the very low Super Deal fabulous price of only $10. At Sweat Shop hot yoga studio, the top Oconomowoc yoga studio, you can check out each of our different classes to find whichever one you love most. If you try our introductory offer you’ll have the ability to try all of our class styles within 10 days for only $10. Now that’s what we call a deal! Come check out our top Oconomowoc yoga studio today by visiting our physical location in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Can’t make it into the studio? No problem! You can check out our YouTube channel and visit our website at and our YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe! Also, give us a call at 262-269-1466 to learn more about what makes us, us!