Learn more about what our community loves about Sweat Shop Hot Yoga! With a variety of class styles, there’s something for everyone, beginners and experienced yogis alike.

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We think we’re pretty awesome, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Thankfully, our customers think we’re pretty awesome too. We’ll let you hear it directly from them, check out the videos and testimonials below to learn more about what our students love about Sweat Shop Hot Yoga!

Sweat shop hot yoga is a wonderful place to workout. It is very clean, beautiful, so well run. Extremely knowledgeable instructors who show all levels of yoga practice. I’m almost one month in and love it!


The community that this place has created is so welcoming. I have never been one for group workouts or yoga (especially hot yoga) but after taking classes at SSHY, my perspective has completely changed. The classes and teachers are so incredibly inviting and is catered to all experience levels. I actually get excited for classes throughout my week. This was hands down one of the best decisions I have made and I highly encourage everyone to, at the very least, give it a try. You won’t regret it.


I love practicing at Sweat Shop! I have felt welcomed since day one. The studio is clean and organized. The variety of classes is superb. Each teacher has their own unique style to teaching! So happy I found this gem 🙂


Love sweat shop hot yoga! Love the clean environment, open airy feel, and updated look of the studio! All the instructors are super professional and great teachers. Love the mix of ages, genders, and different fitness abilities of people in all the classes. Such a welcoming environment and hot yoga is sooo great for mental health and physical well being!


SweatShop Hot Yoga studio is close to my home so I am fortunate to try many classes. The greeting area is friendly and bright. Actually, the whole studio is bright and full of energy. The variety of classes and heat level gives an opportunity to try it out at any skill level. I did not think I would like getting up early, but after doing it a couple of weeks — I am very happy I stuck with it.


I just started about 5 weeks ago and have noticed a lot of changes. I’m down 13lbs, but the biggest change I see is I am dealing with stress so much easier on the days I come to yoga! I might be hooked for life🥰


“After trying yoga in college, I knew it helped me with my flexibility and peace of mind. Christina’s Oconomowoc yoga class offered the chance to pursue it again, is well taught and easy to follow along. I ended up recommending to friends!”

Very clean and well kept studio with a very friendly staff. Great place for people with all amounts of yoga experience!


It has been a very welcoming experience as someone brand new to yoga. Studio is very calming and clean. I also appreciate the variety of class times offered!





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